welcome to nyfc

home of calisthenics in nepal

Nepali Youth Fitness & Calisthenics is the home of outdoor fitness in Nepal. We have revolutionized the face of fitness in Nepal by establishing numerous outdoor fitness platforms and providing free workout classes across the country.

We established the first ever outdoor calisthenics park in the country in 2017 at Boudha, Shanti Park accessible to everyone for free. This ignited a fire among the fitness enthusiasts across the country which has led to a substantial growth of the outdoor fitness community. 

Project Temple is an initiative by NYFC to build Free Fitness Platforms called calisthenics park in public space around the country in urbanized area where there is limited open spaces. Through this project, we not just create an environment for exercise, also we provide proper guidance to do physical activities there…

Our Collaboration Partners for Project Temple

Project “Empower Knowledge” is an initiative by NYFC to conduct fitness and nutrition Workshops and seminars around the country . Through this project, we will aware communities about knowledge based way to exercise and science based way to eat for fitter lifestyle…

Our Branches

There are numerous calisthenics communities all over Nepal among which some are established by us and some inspired by us. All of them are part of us. Hence we call them our branches.


We have around 30 members in NYFC Nepal and there are other branches with numerous members


We have already conducted 3 Nationwide Street Workout Competitions. And planning for the 4th.

Biratnagar's Fittest - SWC 2021

Held on 27th October 2021

Nepal's 1st Strongest

Held on 10th April 2021

Nepal's 2nd Strongest

Held on 17th September 2022