NYFC is a registered non-profit organization promoting calisthenics and street workout esp. among the youths. We are creating free recreational fitness platforms around the country in open public parks where anyone can come in and do the exercises for free of cost anytime. Currently we take free Street Workout Classes every Saturdays from 7 am to 8 am using the local resources for workouts.

Our aim is not only to take classes and train the local youngsters to take their skills into the street and calisthenics workout to next level, but also to involve and aware the community about Healthy Living, Benefits of Exercises, Balanced Diet, and Career Development through exercises. We will hire professionals to take a few classes in regards to Yoga, Discipline of Exercises, Nutrition and Balanced diet and Career Development to help them grow. This will indeed reduce the social evils like Drugs Usage, Alcoholism, Domestic Violence, Smoking and Gambling.

  • We want to create a recreational platform for the local youths to that they can divert their energy and time into getting better, stronger and healthy.
  • In cities like Kathmandu, where gym is mostly the definition of fitness, we want to create and accommodate peoples need for physical exercise via Calisthenics Park.
  • Establishing these platforms around the country inside every public park.
  • Educate the youths of the country about street workout and calisthenics, so they can take leadership in the future to share this among the old and the young generation.
  • Educate the local public about ways to attain a healthy and fit lifestyle just via bodyweight exercises anywhere and everywhere.
  • We want to create a recreational platform for the local youths to that they can divert their energy and time into getting better, stronger and healthy.
  • Free class for everyone about exercises and balanced diet.
  • Conducting awareness campaigns among school kids and highschool students about benefits of starting exercise and balanced diet from an early age.
  • Motivating and encouraging everyone to get into exercises via posting our workout videos in YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.
  • Counselling youths in career skill development through the help of their skills in bodyweight exercises and advancing them to different aspects of fitness.
  • Helping the youths avoid the social evils like alcoholism, smoking, drugs or fights, and getting them united through exercises.
  • Help the young generation to develop a strong character and maintain an excellent discipline through exercises.
  • Organising competitions and rewarding the winners to encourage them to take their skills and strength to next level.
  • Representing these athletes in an international level when they get really good at it.
  • Empowering the youths of our country with a strong mind and body.

Our Vision

There are numerous parks in the country which are not maintained properly but have the potential to be a platform. We plan to at build these platforms for the people around the area where they can come and do bodyweight exercises. This will also be a place where they can socialize and build a strong bonding. This unity, in long term also helps to develop the country in so many ways.


Shantipark, Boudha
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